Sailing the sorrows away

The rain reminds me that it is ok to be sad.

A constant trickle from the sky,
reminds me that the clothes won’t dry.
The walls will sigh with spots of mould.
Days will be grey and old.

The rain reminds me that I can feel sad.

A fun skateboard I will not ride
no tricks will be performed outside.
Inside no progress will be made,
and all good plans become delayed.

The rain reminds me that there is hope.

I’ll make my rain into puddles
I’ll enjoy all the warm cuddles
Though my board is not a boat
Even if my board will not float

I’ll sail away anyway…..

Boat on a board



Bunny Cake

Some times I feel a little sad. Right now is one of those moments.

No real reason for it – I think I’m just over tired and stressed about going back to work tomorrow.

So, in my mental and emotional fatigue, I don’t really have words for this craft…


I think I might go do some knitting and enjoy the happiness that it brings 🙂

Creatively Carolyn