Crazy Robot Pop-Up Card

Hey everyone!

It’s Anthony here for a guest post on Creatively Carolyn.

Today I have made a ‘Crazy Robot Pop-Up Card’


It was a tough process pulling this together tonight, a bit of experimentation was required.


Hope you enjoy it and comment below for a chance to win!



Robots Freestyle


Tonight I was meant to create a robot cake topper.

But I didn’t feel like making that. 

So instead I did an internet search for crochet/knitted robots.

Here’s a few of the ones I found…


Out of the patterns that were free and easily available to me, I picked this one:


You can download the pattern here

It’s taking me longer to crochet than I expected, so I’ve only done part of the head…


And as usual, I will try to put my own spin on it. I’ll upload it tomorrow when its done.

Creatively Carolyn