To craft or not to craft?

This is a daily question for me at the moment.

So far I have been choosing to continue with the crafting. But it’s a daily struggle and I kinda just want to call it quits – especially on days like today where it is rainy and cold and my mood is on the low side.

Thankfully I have fun things like this to craft.


Who wouldn’t want to do a week of goldfish themed craft? 😉

Creatively Carolyn


Stars and Straws

I was looking through ‘Craft-a-Day’ tonight and I discovered that this week hasn’t been about stars at all. In fact, I have apparently been making starbursts…. This is an important and annoying distinction because in a few weeks it is the real ‘star week’. Blah. I think I’m a bit over stars :-/

But regardless of that, tonight I crafted a ‘starburst’ on a straw.



I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent their thoughts and prayers about my dad. He doesn’t read my blog but I’m sure he’d be encouraged to hear of so much support!

Creatively Carolyn

Owl Tea Cosy

I’ve been wanting to crochet this owl tea cosy for awhile now, and tonight seemed like the perfect time to start.

The original pattern was reportedly published in a 1975 Australian Women’s Day magazine, and you can find an online version of the pattern here.

When completed, it should look something like this:


But mine is a work in progress, so for the moment it looks like this:


Kiralee B, if this one turns out ok, it’s all yours!

Creatively Carolyn

Bunny Hop

We are now on to bunnies!

Such cute, fluffy, cheerful animals.

My brother Tim used to own a large white rabbit who he named Skippy, because it kind of did this funny kick with its back legs when it hopped/skipped/ran – whatever the appropriate term is.

This rabbit is called Harvey.


He’s a little odd, but cute nonetheless.

On other news, I have decided to start another blog where I talk about my current knitting projects! Knitting is my big craft love. I go through phases where my desire to knit is intensified. It’s like I’m addicted and I crave the opportunity to knit. And if I can’t knit, I will find my mind wandering over endless project ideas and dreams of hand knitted creations. Head over to my ‘A Slip and a Stitch‘ blog to read more about my love for knitting and the creations I produce.

Creatively Carolyn


Tonight I crafted a Chick gift tag.


I love Chicks.

I have distinct memories of going to the Easter Show as a kid, back in the day when it was at Moore Park and chicks weren’t contained in a fenced off pen or heated cage.

I remember holding fluffy, squirmy chicks that cheeped, scratched your fingers with their toes and tried to escape.

What a fun childhood experience. A precious memory.

When did you first see/touch/hold a chick?

Creatively Carolyn