The Flexagon Family

Well that title is a mouthful.

Anthony here for a simple yet awesome quick craft fill in episode.

We are going to see some flexagons! It turns out hexagons are magic! Or just adept to mathematics; who cares, it is all the same.

Grab a strip of paper:


Like that. The you want to make a small mark a pinky’s width in:

IMG_1503    IMG_1504

Nice work so far. Now fold from the dot down to the corner:


Then fold up to the dot along the crease line you created:


Now sing the “then down and up then down and up” song as you repeat folding down and up along each successive crease line. You will end up with a strip of paper with a series of identical triangles (proabaly minus the first and last parts of the paper but we only need 10 triangles so it is ok):


(Creases marked for clarity)

Cut time! Cut from the sides so the you have a strip of 10 identical triangles left:


Fold time! Fold the first three triangles up over the front of the paper:


Fold the last four triangles up behind the paper:


Move the end of the last four triangles in front of the first triangle:


Fold the top triangle behind and attached down (double sided tape or glue):


Colour time! Now grab your favourite colours:


Then using one of them colour the first side:


Then instead of turning it over (like a noob) do this cool pinch-y thing:

IMG_1516  IMG_1517

And then start to open it from the middle:

IMG_1519 IMG_1521



Now colour again:


Hey, remember that pinchy thing? Do it again.

IMG_1524 IMG_1525 IMG_1526

IMG_1527 IMG_1528

What the what! A third side!?!?!? MAGIC!!! Well actually, maths. But it’s ok, I had a green texta under my arm. Colour your third side in:


That’s a triflexagon. It is called that because you can flip through to three sides.

Make your own, they are awesome.

Comment below to win that triflexagon and this extra special hexaflexagon. It has six sides rather than three and it is a puzzle!


And you can only solve it if you get it by commenting below!!!!



P.S. For more flexagon family fun click here to see wonderful videos by Vi Hart


Crazy Robot Pop-Up Card

Hey everyone!

It’s Anthony here for a guest post on Creatively Carolyn.

Today I have made a ‘Crazy Robot Pop-Up Card’


It was a tough process pulling this together tonight, a bit of experimentation was required.


Hope you enjoy it and comment below for a chance to win!