Under the sea pop up card

Hey there, it is Anthony here.

Tonight I have gone off book and created an under the sea pop up card.

Here is the card, and nice deep sea blue.

And Surprise! Here is what is inside:



Close up:


From the top:


The fish are on blue string and everything is hand cut out of card stock.

I’d really like to give this one away, so please comment below for the chance to win! Some topic suggestions for comments – what was your favourite part of The Little Mermaid? Have you ever been snorkelling? Or if you’d like please rate the mess I made with this post against my previous posts. Evidence of tonight’s mess here:


Winner will be announced in a few days!




Tiny tiny origami star

Hey there readers! It is Anthony here and I am taking this Sunday night craft to attempt (as the title says) an ambitious tiny tiny origami star design!

“What is that?” you may ask. Well, the other day Carolyn asked if she could throw out all these chewing gum wrappers I had laying around:


I said “No, I need those for my tiny tiny origami”. Instantly she lost it and was laughing really hard at me – what a meanie!

Tiny tiny origami – if you have guessed already – is origami made as small as you can. Let’s see how I go tonight!

Making a square is easy, just fold the corner up and then cut off the excess!




Save that excess for later though!

I am folding to these instructions here. Check them out if you want to do your own.

And here we are:


But remember that excess from before? Well that can be used for for a smaller one now!


And result:



Suddenly it can become a competition on how small you can get – here is my record for this design:




There you have it folks, tiny tiny origami!

Catch you next time.



Chicks! Chicks! Chicks!



Today I did a number of things.

I had high tea with my sister Lynette and my nieces Ella and Jemimah. 

We went to the Tea Salon in City Westfields:


It’s rather fancy and very girly! I had so much fun that I actually forgot to take any photos myself, but you get the idea from the pics above.

I also watched my nephew Noah play soccer, had a nap, did some knitting, and went on a date with by handsome husband Anthony.

Last but not least, I made another easter craft.

This one is a cake topper.



What did you do today?

Creatively Carolyn





I am so glad it’s the weekend.

I’ve had a good week at work, but I just need a rest!

Tonight I made a lady bug card.



A quick and easy craft for a friday night.

What do you have planned for your weekend?

I want to get my knitting on!

So it’s a good thing that I have a craft day booked for tomorrow with my lovely friends Katie and Alysha. 

We’re each bringing our own craft to do, and will no doubt drink tea and chat a lot!

It may sound a bit ‘nanna-ish’. But what can I say? I’m a young 28 year old woman who’s a nanna at heart. I love to do craft and have naps during the day 😉

Hope your weekend is equally filled with whatever you find most enjoyable in life.

Creatively Carolyn