Heart on a String



Today I made a heart ornament out of felt.

I sewed it together this morning and then intended to take photos of it with some of my nieces and nephews, who I had the privilege of hanging out with today.

But I forgot to do that.

Then I considered sneaking into their room and taking photos of them (with the heart ornament) while they’re sleeping. 

But when the one year old started to stir, I decided it wasn’t really worth it.

So here’s a photo of the heart ornament minus the kids.




And while they’re not in this post after all…. Noah, Ella, Jem, Calvin and little baby to be – today’s post is dedicated to you. You’re a bundle of joy and energy who I love dearly. It is such a privilege to watch you grow up and I love being a part of your life.

Creatively Carolyn


Message on a White Board Bubble




Today was the final instalment of speech bubble’s!

I made a speech bubble ‘white board’ to stick on the fridge.

Craft-A-Day suggests that you “write goofy phrases and stick it on photos on the fridge”.

I didn’t have any ‘goofy’ phrases in mind, so I stuck it next to my ‘goofy’ friend Mendel ( a puppet who lives in my house….)





What would you write on yours?


Creatively Carolyn


P.S. Tomorrow I start the theme of groundhogs…


What on earth am I going to say about them???

Message in a Speech Bubble

Today commences….




Speech Bubble’s make for great photo opportunities. 

They’re reminders of childhood cartoons and memories.

And they help to express thoughts and feelings when you just don’t feel up to speaking out loud.


Today was a sad day. That’s all I can really say about it.

But in the midst of that sadness I want to find joy. 


Growing up I had this postcard.



I’ve always found it very encouraging and I’ve held onto it now for about 15 years. 

Looking at it always brings a smile to my face.

But most importantly it reminds me that joy and happiness is found in Jesus, and regardless of our circumstances we should rejoice in Him.


So this message is for those who, like me, have faith in Jesus and find true joy in Him. 

Sometimes that joy is hard to feel or express. And sometimes we lose sight of it all together.

But remember:



Creatively Carolyn

Over Gnomes, Gnoming and Gnomathon’s




Today is my final instalment  of gnome related craft. And I have to say I’m relieved.

I’ve only been doing this blog for a week and a bit, but I’m finding the ‘dailyness’ of it really hard – especially after a hard day at work.

At the same time I’m really enjoying it. Right now I’m sitting at my computer, listening to my favourite song from Georgia Fair (Simple Man) and, generally speaking, having a great time.

But back to the craft…


As you can see from the title above, the plan was to make a gift tag with a traditional style gnome.




But I decided to put a bit of a spin on mine, and dress him in a 70s style outfit (at least I think it’s 70s).




What do you think?


Creatively Carolyn