Reflecting on the past and looking to the future

Anthony here,

Carolyn is taking a break.

Have you ever taken a look back on your life? I think I do it almost everyday. What I really wanted to do for this blog post was to get out all of the crafts that Carolyn has done so far (that haven’t been given away as prizes) and have a look at them all for some inspiration.

I then had a fun time organising them so I took some photos!



How fun! My wife is so special and so wonderful. She will be back in a few days.



Under the sea pop up card

Hey there, it is Anthony here.

Tonight I have gone off book and created an under the sea pop up card.

Here is the card, and nice deep sea blue.

And Surprise! Here is what is inside:



Close up:


From the top:


The fish are on blue string and everything is hand cut out of card stock.

I’d really like to give this one away, so please comment below for the chance to win! Some topic suggestions for comments – what was your favourite part of The Little Mermaid? Have you ever been snorkelling? Or if you’d like please rate the mess I made with this post against my previous posts. Evidence of tonight’s mess here:


Winner will be announced in a few days!



To craft or not to craft?

This is a daily question for me at the moment.

So far I have been choosing to continue with the crafting. But it’s a daily struggle and I kinda just want to call it quits – especially on days like today where it is rainy and cold and my mood is on the low side.

Thankfully I have fun things like this to craft.


Who wouldn’t want to do a week of goldfish themed craft? 😉

Creatively Carolyn

Sailing the sorrows away

The rain reminds me that it is ok to be sad.

A constant trickle from the sky,
reminds me that the clothes won’t dry.
The walls will sigh with spots of mould.
Days will be grey and old.

The rain reminds me that I can feel sad.

A fun skateboard I will not ride
no tricks will be performed outside.
Inside no progress will be made,
and all good plans become delayed.

The rain reminds me that there is hope.

I’ll make my rain into puddles
I’ll enjoy all the warm cuddles
Though my board is not a boat
Even if my board will not float

I’ll sail away anyway…..

Boat on a board


I’m on a Boat!

It’s boat week 🙂

I’m actually scared of boats (related to my fear of water, which is related to my fear of drowning, which is related to my fear of swimming, and due to the fact that I cannot really swim…).

But from a craft perspective I love them! Two simple shapes, and yet so effective.

Tonight I crafted (with some help and verbal encouragement from Anthony) this boat. It is meant to be a gift tag, but I think I’m going to reserve mine as a toy for my nephew Calvin. Something tells me that he will love it and that as a reward I’ll receive a beautiful smile, a bashful turn of the head, and a whispered ‘Ta’. So cute.



What would you do with it? 

Creatively Carolyn