Happiness is….

This morning I listened in while Anthony watched a video from one of his favourite YouTuber’s Ze Frank.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

It really resonated with me, because sometimes I get so stuck in my head, that I forget to enjoy my life, to just live and be happy.

Ze Frank talks about how happiness is often made up of small gestures, small acts, the simple things in life that we enjoy but take for granted. Happiness is practising these things in a way that is mindful of them and the joy that they bring.

Here is a catalogue of some of the things that made me happy just today:

– sleeping in when I need rest

– getting a hug from my husband

– knitting

– watching tv (today I watched Castle and The Mentalist)

– drinking coffee

– spending time with friends

– eating apple pie for dinner (not usually recommended, but ok to do every now and then)

– knitting

– seeing the landlord mow the lawn after months of letting it grow (it was a jungle)

– making my craft-a-day

– knitting

– writing this blog entry, right now.


Today I sewed a Chick plushy.



Making him (lets call him Gerald) gave me happiness. Not immense happiness in itself, but that’s ok. Maybe all those small acts of happiness from today and the days to come are what’s going to make me happier in general. Maybe I don’t need to keep searching and hoping for some future period of happiness. Because it’s here right now, in the life that I have.

What makes you happy?

Creatively Carolyn


Cheep Cheep!


Quick post because tonight I am all over the place emotionally. My heart just wasn’t in it, and there were lots of tears as I attempted to complete this very simple craft. Many thanks and love to Anthony who encouraged me to keep going and physically helped me start by getting me off the couch.

Tonight I made another chick card.

It’s a little flawed, but cute nonetheless 😉


Tomorrow’s entry will hopefully include pictures from my fun high tea adventure with my sister and nieces (ages 4 and 6).

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend ahead of you!

Creatively Carolyn



I was searching in my mind for a title for today’s blog. 

Two possibilities kept presenting themselves to me.

‘Chicks! Chicks! Chicks!’

Which makes me think of my friend Matt R.

Or, ‘Chicklets’.

Which is a throwback to a brand of American gum (chiclets)


and to an episode from Punky Brewster.

For those who don’t know (and you really should), Punky Brewster was an American sitcom from the 80s which was about Punky (an abandoned girl), her foster dad Henry, and their group of friends. I grew up watching Punky and I loved it. Particularly because she is small, has brown hair and is spunky (kind of like how I wanted to be).

As an adult, I can see that the show was incredibly corny and full of bad child acting, but whatever, I loved it. I even had a Punky Brewster suitcase…

There is one episode in which Punky and Cherry (best friend) join an ‘exclusive club’ called The Chiclets.



Aside from the bad fashion, they were unfortunately into drugs. Punky faced a moral crisis and eventually had to part ways with the group, from which she turned to joining Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ campaign.

Anyhow, my point in sharing this story is that this episode marks the first time I heard the word ‘Chiclets’ and it has been in my brain ever since.

But back to the craft, because I’m sure you’re keen to see what I made.

It’s a knitted chick!!!


Cute huh?

I got the pattern from this website. It’s not too hard, so I suggest you check it out and maybe have a go!

Creatively Carolyn

Bertie the Chicken



Today marks the start of Easter related craft. Woo hoo!

I made a ‘chick’ finger puppet.

His name is Bertie.

Bertie is a very sociable Chick. 

He likes to talk to lots of people.


Most people found Bertie to be friendly and fun loving.



But for some he was downright scary (just Anthony).

And sometimes a little rude…



Comment below to win your own opportunity for a photo adventure with Bertie.

Creatively Carolyn


P.S. Many thanks to those who participated in Bertie’s journey today!

P.P.S. Happy International Social Work Day to all my fellow social workers!