I decided to start this online journal after receiving a lovely gift from my friend Katie.

My intention is to post a new entry each day, detailing my progress through ‘Craft-A-Day: 365 Simple Handmade Projects’ by Sarah Goldshcadt. If you want to purchase the book for yourself, check it out at Booko to find a range of sellers.

Craft is relaxing, fun, and sometimes stressful. But mostly it makes me very happy – and with the job I do (I’m a social worker), I’m passionate about doing things that will keep me happy and able to continue working in my job.

I’m also hoping that reading this blog will bring you some happiness as well!

What do you do to keep yourself happy?

Creatively Carolyn


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your blog, Carolyn. I only just discovered it. I really admire your stickability (and knitability). Happy creating!! Jo-Ann

    • Hi Elspeth, I did finish it and it’ll actually be the feature of my next post!
      I remember that I found the pattern quite confusing, but can’t recall how I solved it. I’ll have another go at the pattern in the next few days and hopefully I can give you some helpful pointers then!

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