Back in the Game

I’m back! Many thanks to the people who have commented, facebooked and texted me to offer support and well wishes. It has been a big relief to not have to do craft every day and to just enjoy my evenings without the pressure of ‘yet another task’.

On that note, I have done some reflecting on the original purpose of this blog – which was to give me a creative outlet that would add some happiness into my day and be a stress relief of sorts. And it has been that at times (certainly was at the beginning). But it has also added stress because I’ve set a daily task for myself, and that has taken away the ideal of spontaneous creativity. Given that the blog is not meeting my intended goal, I have decided to make some changes.

Firstly, I am no longer going to do a post every day. Instead I am thinking that anywhere between 2-4 posts per week will be great.

Secondly, I will continue to follow the weekly theme of Craft-A-Day (this week being ‘square week’), but I will fill less constricted about following the craft set for that particular date. Instead I’ll pick my favourites from the week, or just make up my own design. Whatever takes my fancy. Or maybe I’ll just talk about other stuff all together.

Thirdly, I’m going to do away with A Slip And A Stitch and instead incorporate my knitting posts into Creatively Carolyn. Two blogs is more than I can maintain.

Fourthly, I am going to focus more energy on the things that I know are helpful for me. Do more of what makes me happy. This past week and a bit, that has been running. I have always thought of myself as a ‘non-runner’ but it turns out that I can run for 20 minutes without stopping 🙂 And what a marvellous result it has had on my energy and happiness levels throughout the day! 

Lastly, I have a cool little card to show you. It’s geometrical, blue and it makes me smile.


Thanks for joining me on this journey 🙂

Creatively Carolyn