Reflecting on the past and looking to the future

Anthony here,

Carolyn is taking a break.

Have you ever taken a look back on your life? I think I do it almost everyday. What I really wanted to do for this blog post was to get out all of the crafts that Carolyn has done so far (that haven’t been given away as prizes) and have a look at them all for some inspiration.

I then had a fun time organising them so I took some photos!



How fun! My wife is so special and so wonderful. She will be back in a few days.



4 thoughts on “Reflecting on the past and looking to the future

  1. You are a top hubby, Carolyn is lucky you share her craft passion. That is why I have come to love blogging, its a record of all your creations. In isolation it seems like just another project but collectively it confirms just how MUCH you accomplish. A speedy recovery Carolyn. Best wishes, Carina

  2. what a gorgeous collection this is. She is a very talented lady, and you are indeed a great husband. Very proud of you both!

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