Under the sea pop up card

Hey there, it is Anthony here.

Tonight I have gone off book and created an under the sea pop up card.

Here is the card, and nice deep sea blue.

And Surprise! Here is what is inside:



Close up:


From the top:


The fish are on blue string and everything is hand cut out of card stock.

I’d really like to give this one away, so please comment below for the chance to win! Some topic suggestions for comments – what was your favourite part of The Little Mermaid? Have you ever been snorkelling? Or if you’d like please rate the mess I made with this post against my previous posts. Evidence of tonight’s mess here:


Winner will be announced in a few days!




2 thoughts on “Under the sea pop up card

  1. Very nice. I like it. I love the underwater world! It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty! I used to scuba dive (before I was married) but having done so since getting married. The last time I was able to enjoy looking at all the wonderful creatures in the water was when we were on honeymoon in Vanuatu. I am looking forward to the days when my boys are older and be able to snorkel/dive with them. 🙂

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