Moustaches and Mothers

Moustache week is almost over, and today I made a moustache magnet.

It makes a great addition to any photo or picture that you want to store on your fridge!





Today it has also been Mother’s Day.

First and foremost I have to say a big thank you to my mother, who has lovingly raised and cared for me, and best of all brought me up to know Jesus.



She would probably kill me for putting that photo on the internet… But I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog, so I think I’ll get away with it…


Secondly, I want to acknowledge that mother’s day is not an easy day for a lot of people. Some of you may have lost your mothers through death or relationship breakdown. Or maybe, like me, you’ve suffered the pain of miscarriage and of wondering when or if you’ll ever get to be a mother. Maybe you’ve come to the point where having babies is no longer an option and you’re grieving that immense loss.

I’m finding today particularly difficult because while I consider myself to be a mother, I’m not acknowledged by society in that way. I should have a three month old baby to kiss and to hold, to wake me up during the night, vomit on me, scream, smile, and to comfort while they cry. But I don’t have any of that. And I don’t know when or if I will. It’s sad, empty, disappointing and overwhelming.

I know that I’m not the only one going through this, but the ‘commonness’ of it doesn’t make it any easier. And I don’t think I could go through today without saying something of how I feel. I miss my Little One. 

I think that’s all I want to say for now.



5 thoughts on “Moustaches and Mothers

  1. Your not alone, today kinda sucks doesn’t it? I love my mom but good God I just hate acknowledging this day. We’ve lost 5 over the past four years, I can’t help but spending the day thinking about what a family that large would be like….
    Hang in there, you’re NOT alone. Good vibes coming you’re way from the Buckeye State!

      • Same goes for you, this day will pass and tomorrow I will pull myself together and move on. Same thing every year, I have a wonderful husband and we’ll get through it.

        I hope your mind can be at peace.

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