A Bouquet of Beautiful Butterflies!

This is Anthony!

This isn’t the sort of craft I would usually do but here is something from the book.




I had the self healing cutting mat so it was up to me, and here is the result.



How beautiful! (Of course I am talking about that stunning blurry lady in the background!)

I have run out of time so sayonara!




My husband likes skateboarding. And butterflies.

Tonight I crafted a butterfly ornament…


 I don’t have much to say about it.

But as I type, Anthony is standing on a skateboard in our lounge room doing a ‘manual’. Whatever that is. I can touch type so I’m watching him and writing this at the same time. I’m pretending to be more interested that I actually am…. But I think he’ll figure it out momentarily when he’s reading this post. He’s also mentioned ‘nose manuals’, ‘switch manual’s, ‘on rails’ and ‘flipping out of it’.

Maybe this is how he feels when I rant about knitting?

What topics do you like to talk about?

Creatively Carolyn


Fly Fly Away

Brrrrr it’s cold in Sydney right now. By cold I mean that it’s 18 degrees celsius. Which may not be that cold compared to other places in the world, but is definitely cold for here! Brrrr!

On the bright side, tonight I got to make this pretty card.


I crafted it using left over paper from our wedding invitations, and as I made it I reflected on what a beautiful and precious time it was in my life to be engaged and getting married to Anthony. I’m very blessed.

What are the blessings in your life?

Creatively Carolyn

Carolyn’s Technicolour Blanket

Tonight I thought that I would show off a long time work in progress – a multicoloured crochet blanket! I truly love this blanket and aim to work on it until it’s big enough for a queen bed. But for now it’s more of a throw.





What do you think?

I’m falling asleep as I type, so I think I’ll make my lunch for tomorrow and head off to bed!

Creatively Carolyn

a row of rainbows

I’m just not in the mood to do paper craft right now. I just want to knit damn it! haha. So yeah, I haven’t done a ‘craft-a-day’ project today, but instead worked on my maroon gloves (now finished aside from the button) and my owl tea cosy (getting close to completion). Is that cheating? Or am I getting away with it because I’ve still done a daily post? I’m leaning towards the latter….

Anyhow, while I didn’t make these today, I thought that I would talk about a previous theme’s craft which also happens to be rainbow coloured. My rain drop bunting:



This happy row of colours currently sits above my desk at work and each time I see it I inwardly smile. 

Aren’t rainbows a beautiful thing?

Creatively Carolyn