Birds Away

This is probably going to be my favourite theme from the entire book. 

I love bird designs. They’re everywhere. 

On Jewellery






and Art!



So I’m rather excited by tonights craft, and this week’s theme in general.

Tonight I crafted a bird plushy.



So cute!

Creatively Carolyn


I’ve Got All My Penguins In A Row

You know when you’re so overwhelmed by work that you don’t know where to start or what to do? That’s me at the moment. It’s exhausting. 

So, in a bid to try and manage my more negative emotions, here’s a list of all the positive things that happened in my seemingly difficult day:

– I’m loved and saved by Jesus

– I’m married to Anthony (and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me)

– I have great friends and family, who love and care for me just as I am

– I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and a job to go to

– I have lots of nice clothes in my wardrobe (I really love clothes)

– I genuinely love being a social worker (even though I’m finding my job hard at the moment)

– I understand myself well and I genuinely like who I am

– I have a range of interests – and one of those (craft) means that I get to participate in this fun blog every single day

– I’m leaving momentarily to go play boardgames with some friends

– I crafted all of these penguins in a row





What are some of the good things in your life?

Creatively Carolyn

just in the nick of time

So I literally got home about 2 mins ago, it’s almost 11:50 and I haven’t done my craft.

This wasn’t what I planned for my night. But we were a bit late heading into the city for dinner and we then had to wait over 2 hours to get a table at Jamie’s Italian – (the food is seriously worth it though).

What can I say, sometimes you just can’t control everything.

Anyhow, on the train ride home I was stressing to Anthony that I hadn’t done my craft yet and the lateness of the night etc. When I had the brilliant idea that tonight, I am dressed like a penguin. A very classy penguin, but a penguin nonetheless.

So Jess, tonight’s craft is a photo of me.


Aside from Anthony, I think you are the only person who will appreciate this…

Love you lots,

Creatively Carolyn

peppa picked a peck of puffy penguins

Gotta love alliteration!

Quick post before I head to bed – tonight I crafted a penguin gift tag.


I have to say that Penguins are pretty cool. And while they’re not my favourite animal, they do seem to be rather popular…

Who doesn’t love the penguins from the following tv shows/movies ?!


Who’s your favourite animated penguin?

Creatively Carolyn

Penguin Dance

I’m back! 

Many thanks to Anthony for doing last nights blog – I’m just not into it at the moment. I’m tired and stressed, and ‘having’ to do craft kind of takes the fun out of it…

There are also lots of benefits from having a guest crafter! For one thing, I get to experience the joy of finding out what today’s craft looks like without any of the responsibility of making it or posting about it.

One not so great outcome though was that I came downstairs this morning to find this mess…



oh well 😉


Anyhow, tonights craft continues on with the theme of penguins. 

I made a penguin cake topper!



All of this weeks penguin craft (minus the card Anthony made because I cannot speak for him) is dedicated to my friend Jess. Her favourite animals are penguins. Why I don’t completely understand and I’ve never understood ‘penguins’ as fitting with her personality. But since she loves them SOOOOO much, Jess all of these penguins are for you!

Creatively Carolyn