Heart of a Lion



Quick post before I run out of time….

Tonight I made a Lion Gift Tag.


It was pretty quick and easy. 

So you can probably guess that my reason for posting so late has nothing to do with the complexity of the craft.

The reality is that I’m just not very motivated to craft-a-day at the moment.

I would rather ‘craft’ the things I’m currently inspired to do.

Like these gloves!





For some reason, when I set goals for myself, even fun things like craft tend to take on a ‘task like’ nature. And I don’t really enjoy tasks. I enjoy completing tasks and get immense satisfaction from finishing things. But the actual process of completion tends to lack joy- at least at some point along the journey. And that’s been this week for me. I have not wanted to make a single one of these crafts. But I’m going to keep going. Because maybe doing a daily craft is good for my happiness in the long run. And because I will definitely feel overjoyed when I have accomplished this personal goal. To those that are reading this, thank you for following along with me.

Creatively Carolyn


4 thoughts on “Heart of a Lion

  1. Proud of you beautiful. We need to watch Julie andJulia. She definitely got over it at some point but she finished and you can too. Xo

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