Egg on a String



Today I made an egg gift tag. I think it’s rather cute.



On other news, this weekend I am in the Blue Mountains attending Katoomba Easter Convention.

It’s a Christian convention I’ve been attending for the last 6 or so years.

I get to listen to great talks about Jesus in the morning, rest in the afternoon/hang out with friends, and then volunteer in a kids program at night.

I don’t think it would be very genuine of me to make all of this Easter related craft and not mention the person who I think Easter is truly about – Jesus Christ.

My life would be nothing without Jesus – and the grace He has shown in dying on the cross and coming back to life has truly saved my life!

If you don’t know Jesus personally, I’m always keen to discuss what I believe!

Creatively Carolyn


Spotted Eggs



Super quick post today!



I like the colours in this one?

What do you think?

Creatively Carolyn

Eggs Galore



Today I made a garland from eggs.

They’re striped, patterned and crafted using soft pastels.



They remind me a bit of delicate hand painted eggs – one craft which I’ve never attempted and won’t be doing this weekend due to the fact that I’m in the blue mountains…

Have you ever hand painted eggs? How do you do it? Feel free to construct your own tutorial with pictures in the comments below.

Creatively Carolyn



Tonight I crafted a Chick gift tag.


I love Chicks.

I have distinct memories of going to the Easter Show as a kid, back in the day when it was at Moore Park and chicks weren’t contained in a fenced off pen or heated cage.

I remember holding fluffy, squirmy chicks that cheeped, scratched your fingers with their toes and tried to escape.

What a fun childhood experience. A precious memory.

When did you first see/touch/hold a chick?

Creatively Carolyn