You Put the Lion in the Coconut


Tonight I made another lion card. 

This one uses the clever and interactive idea of putting the lion on a toothpick – so you can take it off the card and use it for something else. Maybe stick the lion in a cake?



On another and completely un-related note, Anthony and I bought a fresh coconut.

I love coconut.

And for months I was dreaming about eating it because I was playing a lot of ‘fruit ninja’… I’m easily influenced by advertising or anything visual (if that helps to explain the connection in my mind).

Anthony cracked it open using the pestle of our ‘mortar and pestle’.

And we sat and watched Survivor while eating coconut.

It tasted delicious!





What did you do tonight?

Creatively Carolyn


Lion, hear me roar!



Tonight I made a lion face card.

It’s cute, and was quick and easy to make.

But unfortunately I smudged one of the eyes, so then I felt like I needed to smudge the other…



Maybe he’s been crying?

Creatively Carolyn

Lions Head

It’s lion week!


I started to make this lion finger puppet.

It’ll be pretty cute when it’s finished.

But sometimes, when you’ve had a tough day and a late night, starting a craft is enough 🙂


Goodnight everyone.

Creatively Carolyn

Robots Magnetised


Tonight I made a robot magnet.



I like this craft idea.

I get a bit over some of the crafts that are repeated with each theme – like cake toppers…

But in general, I want to stay true to the book.


To make your own creations from Craft-a-Day, visit here to download exclusive content.

And check out this Pinterest page to see other people’s interpretations of these great craft ideas!


Tonight was the last of the robots.

Tomorrow night it’ll be lions. Roar!


Creatively Carolyn


And The Winners Are – Take 6



This week, the winners are:

Hearts on a Wall – a gift for Lillie

Robots are my Friends – Rajita

I Robot – Anthony

Robotag – Vicki

Unfinished Robot – Jess

Robot Freestyling – still a work in progress

Congratulations to everyone!


Tonight’s craft will be brought to you by Anthony.

He will be doing a guest presentation.

As far as I know he will be following the robot theme, but will be inventing his own craft (rather than following the book).

Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with!


Also, here’s a pic of ‘Unfinished Robot’ in his completed state.

I decided to stuff him after all, cause he looks better this way.



Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Creatively Carolyn

Robots Freestyle


Tonight I was meant to create a robot cake topper.

But I didn’t feel like making that. 

So instead I did an internet search for crochet/knitted robots.

Here’s a few of the ones I found…


Out of the patterns that were free and easily available to me, I picked this one:


You can download the pattern here

It’s taking me longer to crochet than I expected, so I’ve only done part of the head…


And as usual, I will try to put my own spin on it. I’ll upload it tomorrow when its done.

Creatively Carolyn