Groundhog on a Card



Today I made a super cute groundhog themed card.



I also learnt some fun facts about groundhogs:

– they’re a type of rodent

– can climb trees and swim (apparently like a squirrel)

– hibernate during the winter

– and, they’re vegetarian!


Anyhow, I’m off to watch Grimm before heading to bed…

Woohoo it’s almost the weekend!

Creatively Carolyn


3 thoughts on “Groundhog on a Card

  1. Is this felt stuck on the card? Ooh i like that! I also like that instead of layers, it looks like you’ve pieced it together like a puzzle (at least for one of the hands). Or is that an optical illusion?

    • Hi Rajita, I think it’s an optical illusion…. It’s brown wrapping paper for the groundhog and white card for the other bits. And then I drew around each of the parts in black pen to give it a cartoony effect.

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