Groundhog in your Hat




Today was the first of many groundhog related crafts.

And todays is pretty cute if I say so myself.

It’s a groundhog gift tag. 

And the groundhog is sitting in a hat!



I don’t really have anything to say at present about groundhogs.

I’m thinking that I might need to watch ‘groundhog day’ for educational purposes.

Thoughts anyone?

Creatively Carolyn


P.S. Congratulations to my beautiful friend Katie who today announced that she is expecting a little boy! I think some boy related craft will be in order 😉


9 thoughts on “Groundhog in your Hat

    • Only if you can pull it out of my puppet fingers Anthony mwhahaha! Give it to me Mc Crafty Carolyn, I look a bit like a groundhog. You can watch a movie of me, I’m sure Bill Murray would be up for being my co-star!

      • Mendel- you’re hilarious! And Carolyn you definitely need to watch Groundhog Day, it’s a pretty good movie actually :). Pretty funny.
        Also this is SO cute

  1. The only groundhog I got to see during my 6 months in America was a stuffed one at a museum… good work on the groundhog craft & how exciting to hear Katie will be having a little boy 🙂

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