It’s Time To Celebrate! Gnome Style!





Today was a very special day because my sister, brother-in-law and their 4 kids (plus one on the way) came back to Australia after living oversea’s for 5 months.


Now 5 months may not be that long for some people, but for me it felt like a life time.


We met them at the airport early this morning (very early), and had a fun morning of hanging out and catching up.


Originally I was planning to make these Gnome Topper’s early enough that I could take them with me as a little present for the kids (with some cup cakes of course). 


But since I’m not the most organised of people – Noah, Ella, Jem, Calvin and baby-to-be, these photos are for you.





I promise to save you some cup cakes for our next hang-out, and your own special cake toppers too. I love you all very much!


Many thanks to Anthony for participating in the photo’s. 


And thanks also goes to Neddy the Gnome for being such a star!




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