A New Creative Journey


Today I received a lovely gift from my beautiful friend Katie. 




This gift, as well as Katie’s own blog (check it out at The Happy Exchange), have inspired me to start a daily online journal.


My aim is to complete a small creative activity each day from ‘Craft-A-Day’, and to write a little bit about this creative process. 


Craft brings me great happiness. And in my personal and professional life, I meet a lot of people who have happiness missing from their lives. I’m hoping that by starting this new creative journey, I’ll not only increase my own happiness, but others as well. 


If you want to share in this process with me, please feel free to read my blog and to purchase any of the daily items I create. No price will be set, but all proceeds will be donated to the Black Dog Institute so that others can have more happiness in their lives.


My journey starts tomorrow, so stay tuned…. 


One thought on “A New Creative Journey

  1. Cayla… I love this idea. I have a feeling I’m going to purchase some of your final products too :). I love you beautiful. Maybe one Tuesday night we can make your daily craft together xo

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