Groundhog on a Card



Today I made a super cute groundhog themed card.



I also learnt some fun facts about groundhogs:

– they’re a type of rodent

– can climb trees and swim (apparently like a squirrel)

– hibernate during the winter

– and, they’re vegetarian!


Anyhow, I’m off to watch Grimm before heading to bed…

Woohoo it’s almost the weekend!

Creatively Carolyn


Groundhog on a String



Today’s post is a little late.

But that’s what happens when you decide to go out for trivia (we came second…) and have to come home to do some sewing!

It’s cute. It hangs. Comment below to win.


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Creatively Carolyn

Groundhog in your Hat




Today was the first of many groundhog related crafts.

And todays is pretty cute if I say so myself.

It’s a groundhog gift tag. 

And the groundhog is sitting in a hat!



I don’t really have anything to say at present about groundhogs.

I’m thinking that I might need to watch ‘groundhog day’ for educational purposes.

Thoughts anyone?

Creatively Carolyn


P.S. Congratulations to my beautiful friend Katie who today announced that she is expecting a little boy! I think some boy related craft will be in order 😉

Message on a White Board Bubble




Today was the final instalment of speech bubble’s!

I made a speech bubble ‘white board’ to stick on the fridge.

Craft-A-Day suggests that you “write goofy phrases and stick it on photos on the fridge”.

I didn’t have any ‘goofy’ phrases in mind, so I stuck it next to my ‘goofy’ friend Mendel ( a puppet who lives in my house….)





What would you write on yours?


Creatively Carolyn


P.S. Tomorrow I start the theme of groundhogs…


What on earth am I going to say about them???

And the Winner’s Are – Take 2




This week, the winner’s are:

MushRoom in Your Home? : Jess A.

Over Gnomes, Gnoming and Gnomathon’s : Jess A.

Message in a Speech Bubble : Me (because this was a personal one)

Message in a Note Book : Kiz B.

Message on a Cake : Glenda A.

Message on a Card : Anthony B.

Message on a Plant : Rebecca M.


Congrats everyone! 

Please give to BlackDog if you feel so inclined!


Creatively Carolyn